Congratulations on a successful clemency campaign for David Gilbert!

Late in the afternoon of August 23, 2021, in the final hours of his governorship, Andrew. M. Cuomo granted clemency to David Gilbert. David’s sentence was commuted, making him immediately eligible to appear before the New York State Parole Board, which has the power to free him.

David joins us in a heartfelt expression of thanks for all of your amazing and generous responses in the eleventh hour that led to this success.  This success belongs to you.  The letters, phone calls, social media posts, Op-eds, and emails all added up to an outpouring of support for clemency for David. 

And your voices were heard!
We are grateful to Governor Cuomo for the commutation and the opportunity that David now has, for the first time, to make his case to the Board, and to express his remorse for the lives lost and families unalterably harmed. 
The governor also granted clemency today to five other people: Paul Clark, Greg Mingo, Bobby Ehrenberg, Ulysses Boyd, and Lawrence Penn. Along with the clemency granted to Jon-Adrian (J.J.) Velazquez, that means that four of the group of five including David, will now be free.  We also express our hopes that many others inside will be so fortunate as to receive clemency.

Thank you! And, please stay tuned for further news and information about how to support David through the next steps of his journey.